Saturday, July 21, 2007


Morning Elegy

by Ana Blandiana

First I promised to say nothing,
But later that morning
I saw you pass the gates with bagfuls of ash
Scattering them as you went as if sowing wheat.
Unable to contain myself, I shouted:
'What are you doing? What are you doing?
It is for you that I snowed over town, all night long,
It is for you that I have blanched all things,
All night long,
If only you knew how difficult it is to snow!'

Last night as I flew into space, you had fallen asleep.
It was dark out there and cold.
I flew all the way to the one place where,
Causing the suns to spin, vacuum snuffs them out,
And, still aching in this corner
To return and snow you over,
I watched, weighed and approved each tiny snowflake,
Saw each one mature, made glisten by my eyes.

Now, feverish, exhausted, sleep will take me
And as I watch you spread the ash of extinct fire
Over my immaculate white work, I smile and tell you:
Snowdrifts higher than these will succeed me
And will cover you with all the white in the world.
So heed this law now:
Gigantic snowdrifts will succeed us
And all your ash will not suffice.
Even the smallest baby will learn to snow
And the white will cover your vain attempts to deny it.
And the Earth will enter the whirl of planets,
A star glistening with snow.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Discovery (front & back views)


You've heard the phrase before, but have you ever taken a moment out of your day to do this? Although some trees, like people, are more huggable than others, they all need a hug now and again.
Here's How:

Find yourself a quiet park, forest, or woodland area.
Walk among the trees until you feel comfortable in their presence.
Feel the different bark textures with the palms of your hands.
Smell the scent of the various woods.
Absorb their life's energies as you look upwards to the sprawling branches overhead.
Find the perfect tree that fits your mood. You will know which one is right for you.
Feel free to hug more than one tree if the mood strikes. Besides, other trees might get jealous.
You may like to take home a fallen leaf or nut as a keepsake from your new friend.
Be sure to return each season to visit your tree. And don't be afraid to talk to it as trees are good listeners.